Strategy and execution are the keys to successful supply chain transformation and business growth

Oseas da Silva, Jr., is the newly appointed General Manager – Supply Chain at Global Food Industries (GFI) & International Beverage and Filling Industries (IBFI). Faced with a rapidly evolving and extremely challenging global supply chain scenario, Oseas believes that only by developing and strictly implementing and executing a clear strategy, GFI & IBFI will be able to successfully hurdle the current global supply chain challenges and continue to stay on track to achieve its ambitious business growth aspirations.

“The unprecedented impact of a global pandemic that hit us all more than two years ago can still be felt up to this time,” Oseas said. “Major disruptions in the production of raw materials from key source markets still prevail. In addition, shipment of these raw materials to us, as well as our finished products to key markets are now hampered by the volatility of fuel prices. These are indeed difficult times and a sound strategy, and its strict implementation is badly needed for every business to recover and succeed.”

Prior to joining GFI & IBFI, Oseas previously held senior executive positions in large scale supply chain operations, primarily as a strategist with a high rate of success in developing and executing complex supply chain strategies. His 20 years’ experience includes leadership of innovative business and Industry operations, as well as Planning, Engineering, QA, R&D, Procurement, Logistics and HSE teams.

Throughout his career, Oseas has been responsible in leading complex greenfield and brownfield projects in the poultry industry in different geographies across the globe, with a remarkable track record of excellence in the performance of his duty. Accordingly, he has been recognized as a multicultural teambuilder and a results-oriented leader.

Simply put, Oseas now brings his ability to lead large-scale supply chain transformation to GFI & IBFI, with a strong focus on strategy and execution. In his new role, he is confident that he will be able to help achieve GFI & IBFI’s business growth aspirations through his expertise in people engagement, process orientation, organizational structure, networking, and technology redesign in several cultures and countries.

As a decision-maker and hands-on leader guided by unquestioned integrity and strong personal ethics, Oseas aims to support GFI & IBFI’s business growth objectives in terms of portfolio, presence, as well as market penetration and share throughout its key target markets, while strictly adhering to the highest standards of quality and food safety.

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