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Halloumi & Nuggets Bites

Developed to #MakeIftarExciting in collaboration with Chef Dina and Salwa Azzam, These Halloumi & Al Areesh Nuggets bites are an indulgent treat that will make your Iftars unforgettable.



Mixed Greens (washed & drained) 2 packets
Nuggets Bites
Halloumi Blocks
Vegetable Oil
Carrot (shaved and kept in cold water) 1
Fresh Pomegranate Seeds for Garnishing
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Olive oil 1 cup
Lemon Juice 8 tablespoons
Honey 6 tablespoons

Cooking Procedure

Step 1
In a container, mix all the dressing ingredients.
Step 2
Firmly close the container and shake it well.
Step 3
Transfer the contents into a squeezy bottle & refrigerate.
Step 4
In a deep pan, add some oil and fry the nuggets. Set them aside once done.
Step 5
In a hot saucepan, add a dash of oil, sear the halloumi on each side until it’s crispy and golden in colour.
Step 6
Add the mixed greens into a salad bowl. Squeeze the dressing on top and mix well.
Step 7
Place the fried chicken nuggets in the bowl, add the seared halloumi, shaved carrots, pomegranate, and drizzle some dressing on top.