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Meet Vanderlei Avila – Factory Manager, Global Food Industries

Vanderlei Avila: Acing operational excellence and introducing innovative ways to enhance performance and profitability by doubling GFI’s Frozen Factory business in the next five years.

Vanderlei Avila, a FMCG industry veteran with over 20 years of experience across the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia, heads the Frozen Factory Division at Global Food Industries (GFI) and is responsible for increasing productivity while maintaining high quality standards. Overseeing the overall factory’s FPP (Further Processed Products), his core focus is on operational excellence and to find innovative ways to improve performance and profitability to exceed GFI’s stakeholder expectations. Growth, innovation and customization remain key as Vanderlei sets to cement GFI’s strong foothold and position in the region.

In line with GFI’s progressive five-year vision, Vanderlei currently has been successful in achieving superior operational management practices as he continues to prioritise efficiency and effectiveness within the GFI manufacturing units.

Prior to joining GFI, Vanderlei has worked with multinational organisations, where he has introduced major breakthroughs to accelerate productivity, manage operational expenditures and thereby creating a robust quality control management system. During his two-decade long tenure with organisations across the globe, Vanderlei has a proven track record with an in-depth knowledge of structural dynamics in a multi-cultural environment.

With a master’s degree in business from Probana Business School Denmark, Vanderlei started his career in 2001 in Brazil as a Food Engineer where he was responsible for the factory’s planning department, and later moving to other areas like Production and R&D.

In today’s dynamic F&B industry, operational excellence is a key driver of top-line growth. In my role at GFI, I have restructured production frameworks and standard operating processes to gain a competitive advantage in the F&B marketplace. We are working towards aligning teams at the strategic and value creation levels to enable end-to-end business transformation within GFI production units,” said Vanderlei Avila, Factory Manager, Global Food Industries.

“I personally believe that with a holistic and progressive culture that we have developed and nurtured at GFI, all employees are empowered and driven to execute the organizational strategy in the most efficient manner.  We are positive to make ambitious strides and achieve GFI’s five-year vision in the stipulated timeframe,” he added.

Vanderlei advocates and practices Lean Management Systems to lower operational costs, introduce better quality products, improve safety practices and increase productivity leading to higher employee satisfaction levels. Vanderlei’s successful implementation of his unique working business model is certain to effectively and seamlessly integrate with the company’s vision which will eventually result in doubling GFI’s business in the next five years.